Bonnie Events

About us

The name Bonnie encompasses devotion, joy of creation and exceptional precision – with small details included. The purpose of all this is to bring forth the most extraordinary events. Like a perfect flower grows from a seed, so do we develop and direct thoughts and ideas of beautiful festivities, anniversaries, wedding days and company parties into their implementation. We highly appreciate a customer’s particular nature, his or her desires and taste preferences, and we implement these wishes on the basis of our experience and the ability to see the whole picture. We will be there for you – from consultation to implementation. Because we love our customers satisfied and relaxed, then we can also provide a full service, which enables you – next to your wonderful morning coffee – to calmly watch the bustles on your important day, without having to lift a finger yourself. To this end, our services include delicious catering, charming event and wedding planners, and beautiful decorations and furniture. Our desire is to create a harmonious whole based on the customer’s expectations.

The cornerstone of Bonnie Catering is to offer mouth-watering meals. Whether it is a small, cosy birthday party or a big wedding and ball, a successful menu is provided by a personal approach, freshness and seasonality of raw materials, and creative compatibility. All this for a reason that a certain day would be more special than others…

Triin Tees

Wedding and event planner

Triin is a beauty-seeker with strong organisational abilities, who has arranged a variety of events, from birthday celebrations to weddings, corporate summer events and organisation of trips. With her profound desire for perfection and precision, she helps to create an event with perfect atmosphere and design, using also decorators and stylists, if necessary. Having witnessed many wonderful moments, she became convinced that being a wedding and party planner is meant to be her mission.