Wedding Planning


There are moments in life that make your heart beat faster, raise the corners of your mouth magically to the heights, and you wish the time could stop. These are the moments we spend with the ones we love most, forgetting time and space, the moments to be always remembered with special wistfulness, joy and calm. Just as life consists of wonderful little things, each and every detail in the wedding day would have its role, eventually creating a perfect whole. The wedding day is not a traditional festal day; it has its own story involving the love between two individuals. Your story is worth for your dream celebration – so many years later, recalling tiny pieces of memories, your soul would always carry heart-warming joy of recognition of your dreams coming true. To make it all happen, Bonnie Events/Wedding has at its heart to fill you with memorable moments, unforgettable emotions and invaluable values. For us, the wedding arrangements and planning are similar to making a tailored suit. In view of your desires, thoughts, dreams, expectations and opportunities, the ideas start unfolding, and discussing them together develops a comprehensive vision. Planning a wedding contains various processes and phases. In order to ensure smooth progression of a wedding day, it is important that all phases are coordinated and service providers are aware of the process and the uniqueness of the day. In order to ensure that you enjoy your day with complete confident, we offer a full service in wedding arrangements that begin with joint planning. Your thoughts and ideas are involved throughout the process and you shall have an overview of everything. If, however, you want to arrange your wedding day completely by yourself, we offer the opportunity to support you slightly before your wedding, as a coordinator who will take over all communication with your service suppliers. This means that we supervise and guide their wedding day activities on the basis of your wishes. All this with the aim to create an unforgettably special day for you!

Our wedding services

Full wedding planning service

The full service includes the whole process, from wedding planning until the moment when the wedding day occurs. We are with you from the first consultation and assist in the realisation of all nuances. Beginning from the search of party venues, themes, musicians, photographers and videographers, etc. This service includes a minimum of 4 consultations, and frequent and honest communication ensures that your wedding will be just in your own way.
The full service includes realistic budget planning and hence the preparation of a thematic wedding. Planning a wedding includes finding a party venue; musicians, photo- and videographer, hiring a make-up artist and hairdresser; advice and assistance in the acquisition of the wedding attire, recommending a catering, florist, wedding matchmaker, master of ceremony and other people related to the event. Invitations, gifts, decorations, and all the little details will be our responsibility as well. Coordination throughout the wedding day


  • Full wedding day planning service
  • Venue decoration – from 200 EUR
  • Wedding rentals for additional fee
  • Florist services

Wedding day coordinator

We recommend this service to couples who have taken the trouble to arrange their own wedding from beginning to end. The wedding planning has lasted for months, if not years and beyond, and yet, when this most important day arrives, you would feel a slight anxiety, or even tedium. A few weeks before your important day, the coordinator will take over the arrangement of wedding logistics, so you can enjoy your wonderful day with peace of mind. The coordinator is like your best friend who will monitor watchfully that the party would not remain without a wedding matchmaker; communicates with both the musicians and the venue owner; that the cake arrives on time, etc.

At a surcharge, the coordinator will make bunches of gift flowers.

  • Wedding day coordinating with decorating – starting from 400 EUR
  • Florist services

Venue decoration

If you need any venue decorations, we will assist you beginning from consultation – to find out the party themes. We will find the decorations corresponding to the themes and season and decorate your festive tables and rooms.

  • Venue decoration from 200 EUR
  • Wedding rentals for additional fee
  • Florist services